How To Get Skins In Overwatch 2

This guide aims to tell players how to get these coveted skins in Overwatch 2.

There are tons of great cosmetics and decorations in Overwatch 2 for the game’s growing roster of heroes, all of our favorite heroes are getting new looks in Overwatch 2’s sequel, and each new season of the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass There are original skins released with different rarity levels. These skins allow players to completely change the look and style of each hero, many of which feature vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and some unique effects, so this guide aims to show players how to get these awesome skins in Overwatch 2. Longing for skins, players can also buy enough Overwatch 2 Coins in the game to help upgrade hero characters.

How to Get Skins in Overwatch 2

Battle Pass

The first way to get skins is through the battle pass in Overwatch 2, and both the free and paid reward tracks of the battle pass offer some skins for players to unlock. The battle pass promises to release new skins for all rarity levels, and players will also receive new skins as they earn XP through levels. In Overwatch 2, players can unlock skins, sprays, and emotes for different characters by participating in any tournament, competition, and daily and weekly challenges to earn XP for each completed objective.

Buy Overwatch 2 Skins

For those who don’t have time to polish, or want skins now, the most common way is to buy skins directly, including legendary skins and epic skins. In Overwatch 2, skins can be purchased from one of two places: the in-game store and the hero gallery.

In the hero gallery, by navigating to the “heroes” interface from the main menu, and then selecting a hero, players can purchase various cosmetics and skins related to that hero. Other skins in Heroes can only be purchased using the game’s premium currency, Overwatch coins, which players must complete challenges or pay real money to earn Overwatch coins, which can then be used to purchase skins.

Players can also facet from the in-game microtransaction store, where most legendary skins are bundled with various additional cosmetic items, such as emotes and sprays. In addition, epic and all rare skins for old and new heroes can be purchased with Legacy Credits, a currency that represents the Overwatch points players can earn in the first Overwatch, and is also available in Overwatch 2. However, the types of skins obtained by such points are limited, so players need to be aware of this when trying to use these points.

Players can also use the Competitive Tokens obtained by participating in ranked competitions to buy favorite heroes’ golden guns, which can turn any hero’s weapon in the skin into a golden weapon.

Finally, Tokens are a currency in Overwatch 2 that players can use to purchase Overwatch 2 League skins and other cosmetics. Tokens can be earned by watching live Overwatch 2 league matches, or by bulk purchases using real-world currency.

The above are the two main ways to get skins in Overwatch 2. If players want to get other weapons and equipment in Overwatch 2 by reading the game guide, subscribing to is one of your best choices.

How To Get Olive Camo In Modern Warfare 2

This guide will take players here on how to get Olive Camo in Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: In Modern Warfare 2, players can unlock various guns and upgrade them to unlock valuable attachments and camouflage. Wearing rare masculinity is the perfect way to show off skills in modern war 2. Among them, Olive Camo is a weapon camouflage that can be applied to weapons, so this guide will introduce players here how to get Olive Camo in Modern Warfare 2. Players can also buy a large number of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Points to help unlock unlocking Olive Camo and other Camos.

What is Olive Camo in Modern Warfare 2?

There are about 12 camouflage in Modern Warfare 2, and Olive Camo is one of them. Olive Camo is a dark green camouflage with black and white embellishment. It should have been called a mission: part of the war world first appeared in the game, but was deleted in retail games. Olive Camo is a weapon camouflage that can be applied to weapons. Using Olive Camo can make this gun show flat olive color. So some players think that Olive Camo is better than other camouflage, because it is not conspicuous and it is difficult to be discovered by the enemy.

How to get Olive Camo in Modern Warfare 2?

Olive Camo in Modern Warfare 2 will reward players after completing the first basic camouflage challenge of 556 LCARUS. 556 LCARUS is a light machine gun based on the M4 platform, so players need to upgrade their M4 assault rifle to level 18 to level 18 Unlock 556 LCARUS LMG. Here are some steps and prompts about obtaining Olive Camo in modern war 2:

First of all, players need to use 556 LCARUS as the main weapon and achieve 50 kills in the game. This challenge is easier. Players can easily complete them in several games, so what the player first has to do is to upgrade 556 LCARUS to unlock all its accessories.

It is recommended that players loaded the best 556 LCARUS. Due to its excellent control capabilities, 556 LCARUS is one of the most common LMG weapons in the game. It has 16 levels. Players can unlock a large number of attachments by upgrading weapons. The following is a recommendation structure that helps improve weapons controlling and potential damage:

Canon: FTAC SB

Muzzle: Echoline GS-X

Back handle: XTEN HANDLE

Butt: Ravage-8

UnderBarrel: Pineapple VX

Players can play a multiplayer game mode in Modern Warfare 2 to get more killing and invasion. And using 556 LCARUS to rule, search and destroy more killings, you can also try to headshot and count them into your progress.

The above is some tips and guidelines for obtaining Olive Camo in Modern Warfare 2 in Mission: If you can follow the above steps, I believe you can quickly get the Camosyou want. If you want to know more about getting other Camos, please check more

Destiny 2: How to Get the Telesto Exotic and Catalyst

This guide will tell players how to get Telesto Exotic and catalysts in Destiny 2.

The Telesto in Destiny 2 is a fusion rifle that has broken the game many times, especially in Crucible. Shoot the charged bullet at the enemy guardians, run away for a second, wait for the delayed explosion and they will drop. In order for the Telesto to do more damage, it is also important to find its Catalyst, which will give the Telesto Rifle more power. So this guide will tell players how to get Telesto Exotic and Catalyst in Destiny 2. Players also need to prepare a lot of Destiny 2 Silver in the game to help find and get Telesto Exotic and Catalyst.

Telesto Exotic and Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Telesto is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that has a habit of firing projectiles that stick to enemies or surfaces before exploding. Additionally these fired sticky projectiles tend to explode after a short period of time, dealing more damage to enemies in the area. Catalysts, on the other hand, are unique modifiers for Exotic weapons with several possible enhancements. Catalysts also provide stat boosts, give players extra perks, and increase the player’s magazine capacity.

What does a Catalyst do

Catalyst in Telesto adds the Deeper Pockets perk, allowing players to fire more projectiles at enemies. Since the weapon is in the power department, the damage numbers are down compared to other special fusions even today. Additionally, the Telesto Catalyst gives players a perk that increases ammo capacity. The Telesto is a powerful close-range weapon that fires projectiles that cause secondary void explosions. And it also comes with perks that enable players to automatically reload their weapons.

How to Get the Telesto Catalyst in Destiny 2

There are many unique catalysts in the game, these catalysts can enhance the abilities of weapons. And this upgrade has a lot of benefits for some guns, as it can change the function of the Exotic.

The Telesto Catalyst is a random drop from completing any Master or Legendary Lost Area in Destiny 2, on a regular rotation every day, and varies in difficulty. But the Catalyst doesn’t necessarily drop from the event’s final chest, and it may take multiple times to complete.

The Lost Zones are Destiny’s version of dungeons, and they’re relatively short. You can easily go through multiple Lost Zones in one run. But for the legendary area and the lost master area, there are only 2 per day. These will change with the daily reset, so you’ll need to keep track of which lost sectors are available on Legendary or Master difficulty.

If you plan on getting the Telesto catalyst alone, you’ll also have a chance for exotic armor drops for the helmet, chest, arms, or legs, depending on the current rotation. But just by completing Lost Sector with Fireteam or solo, you have a chance to unlock Telesto Catalyst.

The above is the specific guide on getting Telesto Exotic and Catalyst in Destiny 2, players can check for more helpful Destiny 2 guides.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How To Unlock And Defeat Shagaru Magala

This guide will show players how to unlock and defeat Shagaru Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best monster-slaying action RPGs where players can enjoy investing time in their world. When Gore Magala announced its return to Monster Hunter Rise with the release of the Sunbreak DLC, players knew that its old dragon counterpart, Shagaru Magala, was also all but confirmed to return. So this guide will tell players how to unlock and defeat Shagaru Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and players also need enough Monster Hunter Rise Zenny to help upgrade Shagaru Magala’s weaponry.

How to Unlock Shagaru Magala

Shagaru Magala, an ancient dragon added to the game as part of the Sunbreak expansion pack, can give hunters a status disease called frenzy, which will cause resistance and defense to be greatly reduced.

To unlock options for the Shagaru Magala fight, the hunter must first defeat the ancient dragon Malzeno in the quest “Witness by Moonlight”.

After that, they must complete two five-star key quests, from which they can obtain the emergency quest “Dark Citadel, White Wheel”.

From there, the player can hunt Shagaru Magala in Ciradel. Shagaru Magala is an ancient dragon evolution of Gore Magala that players will play at least once. However, the evolved form is one of the most powerful monsters in the game and the series. Before fighting the newly evolved Frenzy Dragon, players must first understand its newfound strengths and weaknesses.

How to Defeat Shagaru Magala

The key to fighting Shagaru Magala is to make close-range attacks when it’s not provoked, and target its front legs when it’s provoked. Due to the close-range explosion, the player needs to try to avoid a head-on collision with it. And notice its hind legs, when it stands up, there is usually an AoE attack. As for Frenzy, if you have some Nulberries it should be fine. Regular healing items still work, as long as you don’t rely on other forms of healing you’ll be fine.

Shagaru Magala is particularly weak against poison and gunpowder, which are easily found among the many weapons. Empress Regalia (Rathian’s Insect Glaive) and Rosenfader+ (Espinas’ Longsword) are the best options, but Rosenzahn+, Espinas’ Dual Blades are the best. They inflict both poison and gunpowder with up to 20% affinity and purple sharpness, making them easily the best option against this ancient dragon.

In terms of armor, players don’t need any specific elemental resistances, because other things are more important in this fight, so players need armor sets that provide skills that help you gain more sustain and mobility, such as constitution, Dodge windows or avoid distance. Zinogre X or Nargacuga X have physique (half stamina consumption when dodging or blocking) or dodge window/extended skill (extend invincibility time and distance covered when dodging) these are helpful and also provide enough raw defense to let The player maintains a constant attack on Shagaru Magala.

That’s it for a detailed guide on how to unlock and defeat Shagaru Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, for more details on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, players can check it out at

How to Grow and Use Golden Roses in Animal Crossing

This guide will teach players how to grow and use Golden Roses in Animal Crossing.

In previous Animal Crossing games, players could grow golden roses, and in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can also grow golden roses, but players need a little patience and time, because getting golden roses is not easy. Golden roses do not spawn naturally in the game and must be nurtured by the player. So this guide will guide players how to grow and use golden roses in Animal Crossing, players also need to buy enough Animal Crossing Money in Animal Crossing to help grow golden roses.

Animal Crossing golden rose hybridization steps

All flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are encoded using complex DNA patterns, and while only a few colors of each flower will naturally appear on islands, players can breed flowers of many other colors. Roses start as red, yellow or white varieties and can produce offspring in purple, orange, pink, black, blue and gold. Animal Crossing’s golden roses come from black roses, so players need to breed black roses first.

If roses do exist on the player’s island, the player should purchase Red Rose Seeds from Nook’s Cranny when available. Available flower seeds vary daily, so players should check back often to find them. Players can simply transplant red roses from elsewhere on the island, but it is possible that these red roses in ACNH have hybrid DNA from natural pollination, so they may not produce as many black roses.

ACNH Gold Rose needs a golden watering can

To grow golden roses, the first step is to get a golden watering can. While black roses would eventually need to be crossed to produce Animal Crossing’s golden roses, this process wouldn’t have happened without the golden watering can. Players earn ACNH’s Golden Watering Can by raising the rating of the island to five stars. Star rating depends on the island’s decoration and overall aesthetics and construction, so it is beneficial for players to spend time improving their landscape, forest, and neighbors’ houses in addition to their own.

Harvest golden roses in Animal Crossing

In order to grow golden roses, you first need a 5-star rating on your island assessment. To get a 5-star rating, your island must have 10 villagers, an island scattered with DIY and non-DIY furniture, a moderate number of flowers and trees, and plenty of fences. Continue talking to Isabelle to find out your star rating.

Once you get 5 stars, Isabelle will give you a DIY recipe for a golden watering can, which requires 1 gold nugget and 1 watering can to craft. Use this watering can to water black roses (which can be bred with 2 red roses) and you may find golden roses next to them the next day.

The above is a detailed guide on how to grow and use golden roses in Animal Crossing. Players can check for more Animal Crossing guides.

How To Play Harbour In Valorant (Abilities, Skills)

This article aims to give players a detailed introduction to how to play Harbour in Valorant.

Harbour is the twentieth agent to join Valorant’s roster, the water-based controller from the coast of India has been looking to alter this meta with some unique abilities. Harbour’s abilities are designed to obstruct the opponent’s line of sight to slow them down and protect himself and his teammates from incoming bullets. This article aims to give players a detailed introduction to how to play Harbor in Valorant, and Cheap Valorant Points are also essential items to upgrade Harbor equipment.

Harbour Abilities

The role the developers assign to Harbor is Controller. As the name suggests, controllers have the ability to control a location and delay enemy advancement. Agents in this role often have the ability to block certain areas for easier access to sites and chokepoints.

Here’s a full overview of Harbour’s in-game abilities:

Cove: Equip a protective water polo. Fire to throw. ALT FIRE to underhand throw. After hitting the ground, a water shield is created to block bullets.

High Tide: Equip a wall of water where fire transports water forward along the ground. Hold the fire to direct the water in the direction of your crosshair, across the world, spawning a wall along the path of the water. ALT FIRE bends at the same time to stop the water early. The player’s hitting speed is slowed down.

Cascade: Equip a wave of water. FIRE makes the waves roll forward and through the wall. RE-USE stops the wave. Players hit the ball slower.

Ultimate Ability-Reckoning: Equip the full power of your artifact. FIRE summons a geyser pool on the ground. Consecutive geysers attack enemy players in the target area. A player caught in a strike is subject to a concussion.

How to play Harbour

Valorant is one of those games that takes a long time to get to grips with any new agent, and even when players master their basic abilities, it takes a long time to get used to it. And Harbour is one of the most difficult agents to master, as all his abilities can be used in different ways. All the player has to do is save them at the right time and give the team the edge over the enemy.

Cove can’t stop infinite bullets

Cove is a game-changing ability and one of the most important parts of Harbour gear. It has its own health bar, and once the enemy hits it with enough bullets, the bullet blocking part of the skill is removed, followed by the smoke itself. When the sphere has a golden aura, it blocks bullets. But when the golden part disappears, the smoke turns blue for a few seconds and then disappears. Without any interference, this ability can last for more than 15 seconds, but it can also disappear in three or four seconds.

Ultimate has multiple uses

Harbour’s ultimate isn’t magical, as it spawns a geyser at the enemy player’s location, but it can easily dodge the concussion effect if they’re running. However, the main use of his ability is not the concussion provided to the enemy, but the ability to show the enemy’s location. When you enter the area with this ultimate, you will be able to see where the geyser spawns, this time telling you exactly where the enemy is within the circle.

The above is a detailed guide on how to play Harbour in Valorant, if players want to know the skills of other characters in Valorant, please check for more.

How to Level Up Fast in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This guide aims to show players how to level up quickly in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Players of Modern Warfare 2 will be eager to quickly level up their player ranks, which can quickly unlock the game’s best gear. Infinity Ward offers players a ton of stuff to unlock weapons and gear, and there’s a lot of gameplay to unlock in the game, so players want to get their battlegrounds and weapon upgrades as quickly as possible. This guide aims to tell players how to level up quickly in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Players need to buy cheap Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Points to help them level up faster in the game.

The Best Way to Level Up Modern Warfare 2 Quickly

Playing Objectives

Playing Objectives is the most efficient way to level up in Modern Warfare 2, no matter what game mode, capturing points, securing HQ, etc., just make sure the player is focused on the task at hand. Plus, focusing on goals in multiplayer games often translates into more wins, giving the player XP for their level.

Get As Many Kills As Possible

In any mode of Modern Warfare 2, players can earn weapons and XP as long as they get kills in a match. Killing an enemy is easy, lying down will usually give you 100XP, though this will vary depending on what mode the player is playing and if the kill is under special circumstances, such as protecting a teammate or avenging an ally.

Use Double XP Tokens

Players can use double XP tokens in Modern Warfare 2 to help them reach the desired level faster, so that both player level and weapon level have tokens that are twice the total XP the player will earn at the end of the match. times. If the player joins the game’s campaign, the player can earn double XP tokens for completing certain tasks. But players can only get a limited amount after completing the event, and there is also a time limit.

Play on Double XP Weekend

Activision runs regular Double XP events on random weekends throughout the year, if you’ve run out of tokens, don’t worry too much, just log in often during the Double XP Weekend events and play through a ton of Modern Warfare 2 games to max out. Players don’t have to do anything other than take advantage of the opportunity.

Complete Daily Challenges in Multiplayer and Spec Ops

Another great way to easily get a lot of player XP is to complete daily challenges, players can get three challenges per day, and each time a challenge is completed, the player will be rewarded with 2500XP. These challenges are usually simple goals like three headshots with a sniper, killing many enemies with a certain perk, or just defeating a certain number of enemies. After completing these three daily challenges, the player will unlock a reward challenge that will reward the player 10000XP upon completion, the objective of this mission is the same as the other missions, the difference is that it requires a larger number of kills and other details . In addition, the daily challenges and reward challenges of Spec Ops are different from ordinary tasks, so players can complete the challenges by playing different modes every day to get rewards.

The above is a specific guide on how to quickly level up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Players can subscribe to to follow up on more news about Modern Warfare 2 and guide.

The Best PDSW 528 Loads In Modern Warfare 2

This article aims to introduce players to the best PDSW 528 loadout setups and attachments in Modern Warfare 2.

The PDSW 528 is one of the first submachine guns players will unlock in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as it’s a nostalgic tribute to the classic Call of Duty weapon. In MW2, the PDSW is essentially a remake of the iconic P90 submachine gun, second only to the Vel-46 and Fennec 45, and also has excellent handling stats. So this article aims to introduce players to the best PDSW 528 loadout setups and accessories in Modern Warfare 2. Players will need enough Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Points to set up the best loadout accessories in Modern Warfare 2.

How to unlock PDSW 528

There are two ways to unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, the first way is the same way as the previous Call of Duty titles through the ranks, reaching a specified level will unlock the SMG for use in the loadout. The second method depends on whether or not the PDSW 528 is part of the weapon family, if it is, players will need to use the weapon platform to know unlock the receiver, and when the receiver is unlocked, players can use the SMG.

The best PDSW 528 loadout in Modern Warfare 2

Since the PDSW 528 is the best close range SMG, players using it in MW2 should focus on maneuverability. There are also some attachments that can boost other statistics. The increased mobility and handling comes at the cost of damage range, but the extra speed will make the player better as well as take down enemies at close range.

The following are the best PDSW 528 loadouts in Modern Warfare 2.

Barrel: 9.5″ Duke-30

Comb: TV Taccomb

Laser: Point-G3P 04

Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip

Stock: CQB Stock

When players start using the PDSW 528 in competitive multiplayer matches, they need a load that provides them with plenty of recoil control and as much maneuverability as possible. Players using the SMG in a match will be able to move quickly around the map and dominate in close quarters engagements. Each of the aforementioned attachments are designed to improve maneuverability and mobility, though these loadouts have some slight damage and range reductions. They are negligible if the player sticks to short-range encounters. Additionally, players should stick to running and shooting at close range, so that improved hip shot accuracy and control can help players shoot around corners.

But great PDSW loading shouldn’t just stop at attachments; players also need a secondary weapon that can prevent ammo reserves from running out, and the X12 or X13 are the best options. Stun Grenades are also recommended to improve tactics, as well as using Frags or Semtex for those explosive kills.

This is our guide to the best PDSW 528 loadouts, plus we have other weapons for you to discover. If you want to unlock all the attachments for other guns, feel free to subscribe to to see more equipment in Modern Warfare 2 that refers to the upgrade south.

How To Find And Defeat Darth Vader In Fortnite Easily

This article will show players how to find and easily defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite.

After Halloween is over, everything in Fortnite is back to its pre-Halloween state. Now that Fortnitemare is complete, there will be no more scary zombies jumping to scare and chase you. But with that Darth Vader is back on the map, bringing the latest update to the Skywalker Week challenge. If players think they are worthy of his red lightsaber, this article will explain how to find and easily defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite, players can buy cheap Fortnite V-BUCKS in the game to help upgrade their equipment so they can easily defeat Darth Vader.

Where to find Darth Vader

To find Darth Vader in Fortnite, players must travel to an Imperial outpost located southeast of Greeasy Grove. In a worthy comparison to Chapter 3, Season 3, this time he will only appear in one place, unlike before when players had to look for it in different places. darth Vader will always appear in the southeast of Greeasy Grove on the Fortnite map.

Once players enter the chariot at the start of the game, there will be a possibility of an Imperial Shuttle entering the map, which will overtake the bus and eventually land in the forest south of Greasy Grove, where a beacon will then appear for all to see. But you can’t go there right away because Darth Vader and a couple of Chargers will be patrolling near the shuttle.

How to defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite

Like all boss fights in Bastion Night, defeating Darth Vader is not easy. He has two huge blood lifespans as well as some intense attack patterns, including using the force to stop you from escaping.

As part of the Skywalker Week quest, players may wish to help destroy the Sith Exalted Lord forever and capture the Darth Vader lightsaber for themselves.

The best strategy is to land nearby, find the weapon, and then secretly use it to destroy the charge. Players can then use the E-11 Blaster Rifle, a powerful laser weapon with an endless supply of ammunition that is ideal for taking down Darth Vader. Players will need to aim for the head, but also make sure there is some cover nearby.

If the player tries to complete the Skywalker Week mission to assist in defeating Darth Vader, remember that the player only needs to fire one shot at him, and when playing Darth Vader is already distracted by other players, he is much easier to defeat. As long as someone beats him afterwards, you’ve completed the challenge.

How to use Darth Vader’s Mythic Lightsaber in Fortnite

Once Darth Vader is defeated, he will drop his lightsaber, a weapon similar to the game’s regular lightsaber that allows players to deal melee damage and block incoming bullets. When Darth Vader is defeated, the player is free to unload bullets, lower his life level, and then quickly pick up his lightsaber when Darth Vader is eliminated. It’s a long battle and other players are likely to show up, so players should also be prepared to fight for the spoils of war after he dies.

This is a specific guide on how to find and easily defeat Darth Vader in Fortnite, and players can subscribe to for easy access to more guides about Fortnite.