Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How To Unlock And Defeat Shagaru Magala

This guide will show players how to unlock and defeat Shagaru Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best monster-slaying action RPGs where players can enjoy investing time in their world. When Gore Magala announced its return to Monster Hunter Rise with the release of the Sunbreak DLC, players knew that its old dragon counterpart, Shagaru Magala, was also all but confirmed to return. So this guide will tell players how to unlock and defeat Shagaru Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and players also need enough Monster Hunter Rise Zenny to help upgrade Shagaru Magala’s weaponry.

How to Unlock Shagaru Magala

Shagaru Magala, an ancient dragon added to the game as part of the Sunbreak expansion pack, can give hunters a status disease called frenzy, which will cause resistance and defense to be greatly reduced.

To unlock options for the Shagaru Magala fight, the hunter must first defeat the ancient dragon Malzeno in the quest “Witness by Moonlight”.

After that, they must complete two five-star key quests, from which they can obtain the emergency quest “Dark Citadel, White Wheel”.

From there, the player can hunt Shagaru Magala in Ciradel. Shagaru Magala is an ancient dragon evolution of Gore Magala that players will play at least once. However, the evolved form is one of the most powerful monsters in the game and the series. Before fighting the newly evolved Frenzy Dragon, players must first understand its newfound strengths and weaknesses.

How to Defeat Shagaru Magala

The key to fighting Shagaru Magala is to make close-range attacks when it’s not provoked, and target its front legs when it’s provoked. Due to the close-range explosion, the player needs to try to avoid a head-on collision with it. And notice its hind legs, when it stands up, there is usually an AoE attack. As for Frenzy, if you have some Nulberries it should be fine. Regular healing items still work, as long as you don’t rely on other forms of healing you’ll be fine.

Shagaru Magala is particularly weak against poison and gunpowder, which are easily found among the many weapons. Empress Regalia (Rathian’s Insect Glaive) and Rosenfader+ (Espinas’ Longsword) are the best options, but Rosenzahn+, Espinas’ Dual Blades are the best. They inflict both poison and gunpowder with up to 20% affinity and purple sharpness, making them easily the best option against this ancient dragon.

In terms of armor, players don’t need any specific elemental resistances, because other things are more important in this fight, so players need armor sets that provide skills that help you gain more sustain and mobility, such as constitution, Dodge windows or avoid distance. Zinogre X or Nargacuga X have physique (half stamina consumption when dodging or blocking) or dodge window/extended skill (extend invincibility time and distance covered when dodging) these are helpful and also provide enough raw defense to let The player maintains a constant attack on Shagaru Magala.

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