About Us

“Our goal is to help gamers get the most out of their video games and have a great time in the process!”
When creating the Wmbtc blog, we wanted to write only the best game content every day. While the next generation is firing on all cylinders, we do love some retro games, so it will be an interesting mix of all the best video game walkthroughs, guides, news, previews, reviews and more.
We don’t want to waste your valuable time — so unless we publish interviews, reviews or features — news items and guides will be straightforward. By coming up with interesting facts you want to know, and digging into those helpful hints.
We realize that you don’t have time to browse every single one of the thousands of online gaming sites and blogs; So since this is (partly) what we do in our free time, this is what we personally want to create here… A place you can visit, know you won’t miss anything important, and hear it from video game experts with a neutral mindset. We hope you enjoy reading and watching the Wmbtc blog as much as we do here.