The Best PDSW 528 Loads In Modern Warfare 2

This article aims to introduce players to the best PDSW 528 loadout setups and attachments in Modern Warfare 2.

The PDSW 528 is one of the first submachine guns players will unlock in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as it’s a nostalgic tribute to the classic Call of Duty weapon. In MW2, the PDSW is essentially a remake of the iconic P90 submachine gun, second only to the Vel-46 and Fennec 45, and also has excellent handling stats. So this article aims to introduce players to the best PDSW 528 loadout setups and accessories in Modern Warfare 2. Players will need enough Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Points to set up the best loadout accessories in Modern Warfare 2.

How to unlock PDSW 528

There are two ways to unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, the first way is the same way as the previous Call of Duty titles through the ranks, reaching a specified level will unlock the SMG for use in the loadout. The second method depends on whether or not the PDSW 528 is part of the weapon family, if it is, players will need to use the weapon platform to know unlock the receiver, and when the receiver is unlocked, players can use the SMG.

The best PDSW 528 loadout in Modern Warfare 2

Since the PDSW 528 is the best close range SMG, players using it in MW2 should focus on maneuverability. There are also some attachments that can boost other statistics. The increased mobility and handling comes at the cost of damage range, but the extra speed will make the player better as well as take down enemies at close range.

The following are the best PDSW 528 loadouts in Modern Warfare 2.

Barrel: 9.5″ Duke-30

Comb: TV Taccomb

Laser: Point-G3P 04

Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip

Stock: CQB Stock

When players start using the PDSW 528 in competitive multiplayer matches, they need a load that provides them with plenty of recoil control and as much maneuverability as possible. Players using the SMG in a match will be able to move quickly around the map and dominate in close quarters engagements. Each of the aforementioned attachments are designed to improve maneuverability and mobility, though these loadouts have some slight damage and range reductions. They are negligible if the player sticks to short-range encounters. Additionally, players should stick to running and shooting at close range, so that improved hip shot accuracy and control can help players shoot around corners.

But great PDSW loading shouldn’t just stop at attachments; players also need a secondary weapon that can prevent ammo reserves from running out, and the X12 or X13 are the best options. Stun Grenades are also recommended to improve tactics, as well as using Frags or Semtex for those explosive kills.

This is our guide to the best PDSW 528 loadouts, plus we have other weapons for you to discover. If you want to unlock all the attachments for other guns, feel free to subscribe to to see more equipment in Modern Warfare 2 that refers to the upgrade south.

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