How To Play Harbour In Valorant (Abilities, Skills)

This article aims to give players a detailed introduction to how to play Harbour in Valorant.

Harbour is the twentieth agent to join Valorant’s roster, the water-based controller from the coast of India has been looking to alter this meta with some unique abilities. Harbour’s abilities are designed to obstruct the opponent’s line of sight to slow them down and protect himself and his teammates from incoming bullets. This article aims to give players a detailed introduction to how to play Harbor in Valorant, and Cheap Valorant Points are also essential items to upgrade Harbor equipment.

Harbour Abilities

The role the developers assign to Harbor is Controller. As the name suggests, controllers have the ability to control a location and delay enemy advancement. Agents in this role often have the ability to block certain areas for easier access to sites and chokepoints.

Here’s a full overview of Harbour’s in-game abilities:

Cove: Equip a protective water polo. Fire to throw. ALT FIRE to underhand throw. After hitting the ground, a water shield is created to block bullets.

High Tide: Equip a wall of water where fire transports water forward along the ground. Hold the fire to direct the water in the direction of your crosshair, across the world, spawning a wall along the path of the water. ALT FIRE bends at the same time to stop the water early. The player’s hitting speed is slowed down.

Cascade: Equip a wave of water. FIRE makes the waves roll forward and through the wall. RE-USE stops the wave. Players hit the ball slower.

Ultimate Ability-Reckoning: Equip the full power of your artifact. FIRE summons a geyser pool on the ground. Consecutive geysers attack enemy players in the target area. A player caught in a strike is subject to a concussion.

How to play Harbour

Valorant is one of those games that takes a long time to get to grips with any new agent, and even when players master their basic abilities, it takes a long time to get used to it. And Harbour is one of the most difficult agents to master, as all his abilities can be used in different ways. All the player has to do is save them at the right time and give the team the edge over the enemy.

Cove can’t stop infinite bullets

Cove is a game-changing ability and one of the most important parts of Harbour gear. It has its own health bar, and once the enemy hits it with enough bullets, the bullet blocking part of the skill is removed, followed by the smoke itself. When the sphere has a golden aura, it blocks bullets. But when the golden part disappears, the smoke turns blue for a few seconds and then disappears. Without any interference, this ability can last for more than 15 seconds, but it can also disappear in three or four seconds.

Ultimate has multiple uses

Harbour’s ultimate isn’t magical, as it spawns a geyser at the enemy player’s location, but it can easily dodge the concussion effect if they’re running. However, the main use of his ability is not the concussion provided to the enemy, but the ability to show the enemy’s location. When you enter the area with this ultimate, you will be able to see where the geyser spawns, this time telling you exactly where the enemy is within the circle.

The above is a detailed guide on how to play Harbour in Valorant, if players want to know the skills of other characters in Valorant, please check for more.

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