How to Grow and Use Golden Roses in Animal Crossing

This guide will teach players how to grow and use Golden Roses in Animal Crossing.

In previous Animal Crossing games, players could grow golden roses, and in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can also grow golden roses, but players need a little patience and time, because getting golden roses is not easy. Golden roses do not spawn naturally in the game and must be nurtured by the player. So this guide will guide players how to grow and use golden roses in Animal Crossing, players also need to buy enough Animal Crossing Money in Animal Crossing to help grow golden roses.

Animal Crossing golden rose hybridization steps

All flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are encoded using complex DNA patterns, and while only a few colors of each flower will naturally appear on islands, players can breed flowers of many other colors. Roses start as red, yellow or white varieties and can produce offspring in purple, orange, pink, black, blue and gold. Animal Crossing’s golden roses come from black roses, so players need to breed black roses first.

If roses do exist on the player’s island, the player should purchase Red Rose Seeds from Nook’s Cranny when available. Available flower seeds vary daily, so players should check back often to find them. Players can simply transplant red roses from elsewhere on the island, but it is possible that these red roses in ACNH have hybrid DNA from natural pollination, so they may not produce as many black roses.

ACNH Gold Rose needs a golden watering can

To grow golden roses, the first step is to get a golden watering can. While black roses would eventually need to be crossed to produce Animal Crossing’s golden roses, this process wouldn’t have happened without the golden watering can. Players earn ACNH’s Golden Watering Can by raising the rating of the island to five stars. Star rating depends on the island’s decoration and overall aesthetics and construction, so it is beneficial for players to spend time improving their landscape, forest, and neighbors’ houses in addition to their own.

Harvest golden roses in Animal Crossing

In order to grow golden roses, you first need a 5-star rating on your island assessment. To get a 5-star rating, your island must have 10 villagers, an island scattered with DIY and non-DIY furniture, a moderate number of flowers and trees, and plenty of fences. Continue talking to Isabelle to find out your star rating.

Once you get 5 stars, Isabelle will give you a DIY recipe for a golden watering can, which requires 1 gold nugget and 1 watering can to craft. Use this watering can to water black roses (which can be bred with 2 red roses) and you may find golden roses next to them the next day.

The above is a detailed guide on how to grow and use golden roses in Animal Crossing. Players can check for more Animal Crossing guides.