How to Frame Your Diamond Painting Kit with Foam Board

This guide will show you how to frame your diamond painting kit with foam board.

An accomplishment and a very pleasant experience, having your finished diamond painting framed. For those who are brand-new to the field of diamond art, diamond painting is a craft that has been more well-liked recently. It involves applying tiny, brilliant resin diamonds with a diamond painting tool on a self-adhesive, pre-printed canvas to produce stunning, brilliant drawings. Mounting the artwork on foam board is one of the best and simplest methods to display your finished diamond painting kit. This technique doesn’t need any specialized equipment or knowledge, unlike some others. To assist you in creating diamond artworks, you can get Cheap Diamond Art Kits.

Supply list

These are the items you need:

Spray glue



Finished Diamond Painting Kit

Foam board

Utility knife

What is foam board?

Depending on its intended application, foam board is a lightweight material comprised of hard plastic foam that has a paper or plastic coating. It can be sliced, adhered, written on, or drawn on. It comes in a range of sizes and can be applied to numerous tasks.

Step 1: Measure the Diamond Painting

Measuring the painting is the first step in mounting the piece on the foam board. To determine the exact measurements of your artwork, use a ruler or tape measure. Ensure that you solely measure the design. Include no borders. You can carefully cut out the border of your diamond artwork, leaving only the painting, or you can wrap the extra canvas around a wooden board. Write down the precise measurements because you’ll need them to cut the foam board.

Step 2: Cut the Foam Board

Next, cut the foam board to the same size as the diamond painting using a craft knife and cutting mat. Remember that cutting foam board differs slightly from cutting standard poster board. You might need to change the blade if the knife is not cutting cleanly or appears to be caught in the foam. Make sure to cut the foam board correctly to avoid having your artwork fall out of place. Make sure the edges are straight by taking your time. To prevent cutting with a curved or uneven edge, you might want to use a ruler.

Step 3: Put double-sided tape on the foam board

Apply double-sided tape to the foam board’s surface after trimming it to the right size. Make sure to cover the board’s whole surface with tape. It can seem alluring to switch to spray glue, but since it dries more quickly, you might not have enough time to arrange your creations on the board appropriately.

Step 4: Attach the Diamond Painting to the Board

The diamond painting should next be placed gently on the foam board. Make sure to align the picture’s edges with the foam board’s edges. Once it’s in position, firmly press down to achieve a strong adhesion. Aim to keep the diamond bit from being moved or harmed. If the border was left on, wrap any extra canvas around the board and secure it with glue.

Step 5: Cut Off Excess Foam Board

If there is any extra foam board around the painting’s edges, trim it off with a pair of scissors. Be careful not to cut the painting; instead, cut as near to the edge as you can.

Step 6: Frame Your Diamond

You can now frame your diamond artwork after mounting it on the foam board. You have the option of purchasing pre-made frames or creating your own from materials like wood, metal, or plastic. You might also have a professional framer frame your mounted artwork. If you decide to create your own frame, be sure to accurately cut the material to fit the picture after measuring it.

Displaying your artwork by mounting a diamond painting on foam board is a terrific idea. It is a quick and inexpensive technique to make a solid surface for your artwork. You may make a stunning piece of home decor that displays your ingenuity and labor of love by using the correct tools and the methods above. To assist you in creating diamond paintings, you can purchase Diamond Painting for Sale from the app store.

3D vs. 5D Diamond Painting: What’s the Difference?

This guide will introduce you to the difference between 5D diamond painting and 3D diamond painting.

With its brilliant diamond gemstones and many distinctive designs, diamond painting is a delightful trend that draws people looking for exciting hobbies. Although the idea is straightforward, each diamond painting kit has distinctive features. Understanding everything that diamond painting has to offer might be challenging due to the variety of application techniques, accessories, and terminology. The distinction between 5D diamond painting and 3D diamond painting is a frequently questioned quality. To aid with your creation, you can get Cheap Diamond Art Kits.

What to Know About 3D Diamond Painting

Ordinary diamond painting is also known as 3D diamond painting. The 3D component of it, which goes by several names, only informs you of how many facets or sides the diamond has. Each side of a diamond has three facets, for a total of nine facets.

Simple application of tiny diamond-shaped rhinestones to the canvas constitutes 3D diamond painting. The canvas is already tacky and includes groves for the diamonds to fit into, making it simple for them to settle into position and remain there. To position each diamond correctly, use tweezers or a diamond drill.

It’s a hobby that more people are taking up, and its popularity is increasing every month. It’s a lot of fun to spend hours gluing various colored stones to a prepared canvas to make a lovely painting. The more you engage in this enjoyable but straightforward activity, the more fun it becomes. When beginning their 3D diamond paintings, many people will begin with little sketches before progressing to larger, more difficult works.

Because the rhinestones stick out from the canvas and provide the illusion of three dimensions, this technique is sometimes referred to as 3D diamond painting. The term comes from the way they stand out from the canvas and dazzle in the light, giving off a diamond-like image.

So, how is 5D painting different?

The same fundamental supplies found in the 3D kit are included in a 5D diamond painting kit. Each of them contains a pen, wax, sorting tray, canvas, and perhaps some tweezers and diamonds.

Everything else is the same; just the diamond differs. Each side of a 5D diamond has a distinct number of facets. This is where this form of diamond really differs from others, with five on each side as opposed to three. When you shine light on them, this produces a very lovely appearance. You can tell the difference between 3D diamond paintings and 5D diamond paintings right away since they are getting shinier and shinier.

You will have a very lovely completed product once you put your 5D diamond painting together and set each rhinestone in its proper location. All of them are lovely in their own unique ways, but the 5D diamond painting shines the brightest.

How to choose

If you are new to diamond painting, you should start with the 3D diamond option. You can manage 3D drilling more easily and don’t have to be concerned with the painting’s straight lines. Hence, you have more room to work comfortably. You are now prepared to experiment with 5D diamond art after obtaining some experience. The intricate design of these 5D diamonds will produce spectacular shine. The finished product will be flawless. To assist you in creating diamond paintings, you can purchase Diamond Painting for Sale from the app store.

Three of The Easiest Diamond Bit Storage Solutions

This guide will cover three of the easiest diamond bit storage solutions.

Are you seeking for a diamond storage solution that is both aesthetically beautiful and reasonably priced? This article will help you become organized quickly with storage suggestions using affordable drill storage containers. Labels are essential for keeping track of your drill color, regardless of the style of storage or organization you select. If you’d like to purchase some of your favorite diamond paintings, visit to find excellent Diamond Painting for Sale.

What diamond bit storage options are available for purchase

It is simple to locate the diamond bit storage units that are well-liked by the diamond painting community, but it may be challenging to comprehend their features and advantages. You can purchase a variety of cases, containers, and compartments designed specifically for additional accessories. Grid-style containers can be used since most diamond painting is done at home and you don’t need to carry tools or diamond bits around with you. They are simple to store and maintain order.

Home Diamond Bit Storage Tips

Simple household materials and the plastic bag included in each diamond painting kit can be used for a number of diamond painting storage ideas. It is absolutely possible to develop a storage solution at home that fully satisfies all of your demands up until the point at which you are able to acquire storage containers. These can be produced in the comfort of your own house.

The plastic bag included with the diamond painting kit, some large safety pins often used to keep cloth together, and a hanger that isn’t too thick are all you need to build one of those home storage containers called a “dry cleaning” storage hanger. A pen and a permanent marker or label sticker are also required. Put the safety pin in front of the bag’s top seal after attaching it to the hanger’s bottom. This is done in order to hang the drill along the hanger so that the desired color can be seen easily. The DMC color code for each diamond color is marked with a permanent marker or label sticker. Easy and inexpensive to construct, yet easy to organize and categorize.

Using K-Cup spinners/organizers and those tiny plastic condiment containers is another inventive piece storage solution. Those working on large diamond paintings will find this appealing because it can hold a lot of parts in each container. Each plastic container can be decorated with stickers or permanent markers.

There are numerous additional storage strategies for diamond paintings. Some individuals utilize tiny Tupperware containers, pill organizers, or even get creative by using an egg carton that has been cleaned.

Label storage container

Although each diamond painting kit contains a variety of colored bits, some of the hues are remarkably similar to one another. When working on your project, it is simple to select the appropriate DMC colored pieces thanks to the labels on each container. You will find yourself alternating between colors when painting diamonds in portions, as most people do. Getting the right DMC number is considerably simpler than trying to match the colors of diamond bits or keeping track of which color goes with which sign. As DMC diamonds are available in 447 different colors, it is simple to mix up hues, especially when the variations between hues are small. To assist you in creating diamond paintings, you may get Cheap Diamond Painting Kits from the app store.