Genshin Impact: Where and How to Get Vourukasha’s Glowing Artifact

This guide will tell players where and how to obtain Vourukasha’s Glowing Artifact in Genshin Impact.

Brand-new characters, weapons, missions, and more are included in the Genshin Impact 3.6 update. Additionally, two new artifact sets called Nymph’s Dream and Vourukasha’s Glow will be launched, according to a Honey Impact leak. The Vourukasha’s Glow Artifact set by Genshin Impact is a brand-new set that was included in version 3.6 of the game. The Molten Fortress realm, located in the brand-new Sumeru region known as Gavireh Lajavard, may offer prizes including the new artifacts that can already be milled. In the game, players must have a sufficient amount of Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals.

Vourukasha’s Luminous Artifact Planting Site

In Genshin Impact, players must first open the Molten Iron Fortress realm in order to grow Vourukasha’s Glowing Artifact. Fortunately, new players may simply navigate this field.

Players just need to confront the realm once it is unlocked to begin gathering desired things. Vourukasha’s Glowing Artifact has the same random drop rate as every other set of artifacts in the game. As a result, to see a set, players may need to tackle the Molten Fortress realm more than once. The stats that come with these parts are random, which is the best part. As a result, players in Genshin Impact could acquire several subpar artifacts before obtaining the ideal ones for the desired construct.

How to Grow Vourukasha’s Glowing Artifact

On the plus side, planting Vourukasha’s Glow Artifacts is made simpler by the Molten Iron Fortress Domain’s ease of completion. The two hardest of the four difficulty levels have Ley Line Disorder, which greatly helps the player. All members of the squad will also receive a 150 elemental mastery benefit for 8 seconds after causing a Dendro-based elemental reaction in the realm. This is excellent for Quicken team combinations in Genshin Impact, particularly those that include Nahida.

Without any Dendro characters present, it is also feasible to finish the realm and farm Vourukasha’s shining relic. It’s not strictly necessary because there isn’t a Dendro puzzle to solve. However, doing so is advised because it expedites completing and cuts down on the time needed for artifact grinding. On the hardest setting, there are two common Mitachurls in the opening round of combat. Anemo Hilichurl Rogue and Hydro Hilichurl Rogue are foes in round two. The fact that none of these opponents are really challenging to defeat in Genshin Impact speaks something about how simple this field is.

Genshin Impact Vourukasha’s Luminous Artifact Set Rewards

Here are the different set bonuses for equipping two or four of Vourukasha’s Glow artifact sets in Genshin Impact:

2 piece set

HP +20%

4 piece set

Elemental skills and Elemental Burst damage increased by 10%. After the equipped character takes damage, the above damage bonus increases by 80% for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 stacks. The duration of each stack is calculated independently. These effects can be triggered even if the equipped character is not on the field. Players need to buy a lot of Genshin Impact Top Up in the game to get Vourukasha’s luminous artifact.