How to Build and Use a Chopping Block in Valheim

This guide will show players how to build and use an Anvil in Valheim.

Players can create a wide variety of items in Valheim. The player must improve the workshop in order to create more complicated objects. Anvils in Valheim are improvements to the game’s crafting tables that let you create better weapons and other equipment. It is simple to obtain, but you must first unlock it in order to do so. Here is what you need to accomplish in Valheim to obtain it. Players can learn how to create and operate an anvil in Valheim by reading this article. Just enough Valheim Items must be prepared by the player in the game.

What is a Valheim Cutting Board?

A constructible building called The Chopping Block can be found in Valheim. It is applied to level 2 the workbench. It’s time to place once you have all the necessary ingredients. It will raise your workbench one level once it is in place.

Recipe for Valheim’s Chopping Block

You need the following supplies in Valheim to make a cutting board:

Wood (10)


How to use a chopping block in Valheim

In order to use a Chopping Board in Valheim, you must build one and place it next to a Workbench. The Chopping Board is a placeable item that may be used to enhance a Workbench. You can obtain its formula as long as you have access to wood and flint in the game. You may unlock and create more advanced tools and weaponry in the game by doing this.

You’ll be able to make a chopping board if you obtain the wood and flint. Early on, flint is rather uncommon, but shallow water is where you’ll have the best luck locating it. To create it, you need 10. In Valheim, enhancements to existing workbenches are combined to create a single, more functional workbench.

Your workbench takes on a whole new level with a cutting board. You will be able to level up your tools by one for each upgraded workbench you own.

The workbench enhancements can be installed in any sequence as long as they complement one another. For instance, if you miraculously manage to avoid the cutting board and instead create a tanning rack, your level will only go up by one. In this case, upgrading the chopping block will result in a newer version. Make sure your station is upgraded properly by keeping an eye out for the “New Station Level” message that appears after you drop the upgrade unit.

Players should take this into consideration when constructing their Valheim foundation because many workbenches might benefit from the same upgrade as long as it is within range. In Valheim, The Chopping Block is effectively the first Workbench enhancement that players can obtain, yet it is just as significant as following upgrades. Players can upgrade their workbench by one level by putting it there, allowing them to get more item upgrades and be more prepared to deal with the hazards of Valheim.

This is a detailed explanation of how to construct and employ cutting blocks in Valheim. To help construct and utilize more chopping blocks, players can purchase affordable Valheim Resources in the game.