How to Get XP Quickly in MLB The Show 23

This guide will show players how to earn XP fast in MLB The Show 23.

On March 28, 2023, the San Diego studio will release the eagerly awaited baseball game MLB The Show 23. The game’s mechanics are being investigated by players worldwide. The XP mechanic, which is one of these mechanics, is crucial for the game’s growth. To assist them gain XP rapidly, players can prepare enough MLB The Show 23 Stubs in the game.

The Best Ways to Earn XP Quickly

Complete show missions with show players

First off, finishing the Program Tasks in Road to The Show is the best way to gain XP. You’ll also receive the show’s star in exchange. They can then be exchanged for in-game bonuses like free The Show packs, perks, and other gear to strengthen your Ballplayer.

Complete Diamond Dynasty events

Watch out for brand-new Diamond Dynasty online events. A lot of XP is always guaranteed during brand-new events. Start taking part in additional online games to quickly level up.

Change MLB The Show 23 settings

You can also increase your XP by making minor modifications to the game’s settings. The majority of these adjustments are made to help you waste less time and finish more matches. The settings that must be modified are as follows:

Demo Mode: Quick Play

Pitch Select Camera: None

Batter Walk: Off

Player lock options (including RTTS)

Opportunities for players to lock defense: None

Player lock-in runs: None

Player lock game flow: skip to next appearance

Other Tips for Gaining XP

Increasing the number of settings you alter through mode-specific menus is another way to gain a lot of XP. Players can, for instance, choose to just run in home run games and to bypass other time-consuming content by disabling Player Lock Fielding Opportunities and Player Lock Baserunning Opportunities. Similarly, keeping the gameplay competitive and lowering the pitching and batting difficulty for new players makes the gameplay simple and enables the user to become one of MLB’s top hitters. The Show 23’s mission objectives can be attained with little to no effort.

The shortest distance and highest elevation Stadium via Road to the Show is the final option. The new stadium’s size makes it simple for players to hit home runs after home runs and earn a ton of XP because this adjustment affects all lower league clubs. The first tier of the reward path should be reachable with little to no difficulty for those that discover how to get XP rapidly in MLB The Show 23.

That is everything there is to know about gaining XP quickly in MLB The Show 23. For even more XP, players can buy cheap MLB The Show 23 Gold in-game.