All Neomuna Action Figure Locations in Destiny 2 Lightfall

This guide will tell players where all the Neomuna action figures are located in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

We may now steal its secrets, including new weapons, xotics, and plenty of secrets, Neptune, thanks to Lightfall’s use of it to purchase the future metropolis of Neomuna, which is home to a branch of mankind that has flourished for hundreds of years. There are many things to learn, and the Neomuna action figure is one of the best-kept secrets. When the Guardians explore Neomuna, they may come across action figures, which are collectibles. Players will need to have enough Destiny 2 Silver in the game to access this guide, which will show them where to discover all of the Neomuna action figurines in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Ahimsa Park Action Figure

In Destiny 2, players can go directly to the enormous center building in Ahimsa Park, atop which Calus’ ship looms, and step inside while wearing the potent (and gorgeous) Artifice Armor. A figure should be at the end of a small, rocky crevice that the player can crawl through below part of the stairs.

Maya’s Retreat Action Figure

Get to Port Dawn quickly, then plunge right into the narrow ravine that leads to the Mayan retreat. The cave where they learnt how to utilize the rope grappling hook during the campaign should subsequently be located by taking the trail on the right. The player have to light three braziers hid inside the cave using the grab to move around. The number will be produced once they are all illuminated.

Veil Containment Action Figure

In the Veil Containment facility, where Operation Desperate Containment in the final objective of the Lightfall Campaign, Desperate Measures, took place, the figure may be found overlooking the Irkalla Complex. Go via the Esi Terminal and Irkalla Complex from Strider’s Gate, then ascend the city walls. Each destroyed cannon’s head should be lifted, and it should be pointed in the right direction. This will make the far-off dark shards visible. The character will spawn on the leftmost cannon after all three Splinters have been struck.

Zephyr Concourse Action Figure

Activate the tablet next to the teapot at the juice bar in Zephyr Concourse. A number of cabal warriors will swarm in pursuit of beverages. Since the player must kill them in order to obtain the action figure, which spawns directly above the tablet, they are destined to perish sober. Fire and Forget from Destiny 2 is an excellent tool for this battle.

The locations of each Neomuna action figure in Destiny 2: Lightfall are listed above. To identify the whereabouts of the action figures in Destiny 2 more quickly, players can purchase inexpensive Destiny 2 top up in-game.