Destiny 2: How To Get The Long Arm And Its Scroll

This guide will show players how to obtain the Long Arm and its scroll in Destiny 2.

In Destiny 2, the Long Arm is the second Tex Mechanica scout rifle. It has excellent PVE and PVP performance, especially when combined with the greatest God Roll. Players can give the pistol a variety of perk combinations, and it is regarded as one of the best weapons that can appear in the Warden’s Spire Dungeon. In addition to learning how to obtain Long Arm and its scroll in Destiny 2, gamers will learn how much Destiny 2 Silver they need to purchase in-game.

What is Long Arm?

The Long Arm is a PVP-focused weapon that is essentially a “baby” version of the exotic scout rifle Dead Man’s Tale. This weapon’s primary feature is hip-firing, and it has extra features that players can exploit to their advantage. It’s for people looking for a frame with above-average damage and recoil. The Hammer Forges rifle has various noteworthy advantages, like Accurized Rounds and Opening Shot, which both extend your range and improve your first shot accuracy. When shooting from the hip, the Hip Fire Grip helps you retain greater accuracy, and the Tex Balance Stock helps you handle and reload weapons more quickly.

How to Get the Long Arm Scout Rifle and Its Scroll

By taking part in the Warden Dungeon Spire in Destiny 2, one can obtain the Long Arm Scout Rifle. Players should go through this dungeon with a strong fireteam at least once to get the hang of it. The gamers should then be able to harvest for the Long Arm or finish building their legendary cowboy armor set after memorizing all the gadgets in it.

Rolling can grant Long Arm access to a number of noteworthy benefits, some of which include Rapid Hit, Wellspring, Subsistence, Dragonfly, Opening Shot, and Explosive Payload. Having a Dragonfly and an Explosive Payload is always a smart idea depending on how players want to utilize the scout rifle, and while the Explosive Payload is a favorite for PVE and PVP activities, combining it with Subsistence or Rapid Hit will make for a formidable squad.

Thankfully, compared to Akelous and Persys, this encounter is the easiest in the dungeon and may be successfully completed by one or two players. You might discover a Long Arm in a secret chest if you’ve already obtained one.

PvP longarm god rolls

Barrel: Accurate Rounds Magazine: Arrow Brake

Quick Hit Perk 1 Prologue Perk 2

Masterpiece: Reloading Time or Stability

Features of origin: Tex Balanced Stock

The process for obtaining the Long Arm scout weapon in Destiny 2 is complete. The Long Arm will be the player’s choice if they want a strong gun that can deal damage. It’s the Spire Dungeon’s Seraph Season Overwatch drop for Destiny 2. subscribers will receive more thorough guides on the other weapons in Destiny 2.