Should Locks Be Changed After Moving?

This guide will explain whether you should change your locks after you move.

Moving may be a difficult and dirty process. But everyone wants to feel secure and guarded in their new house. Old locks may need to be rekeyed or replaced as the initial step in giving this functionality. You should always change the locks on a new house since you never know who may have accessed it through other means. When you move, it’s a good idea to understand how to change locks. The reasons for changing your locks after moving are explained in this tutorial, and you may purchase a sufficient Lock Picking Set at

When should locks be changed

We advise rekeying or changing locks anytime safety and security are at jeopardy. The following scenarios call for the replacement of locks most frequently:

When you buy a new house.

When you experience a break-in or burglary.

When you own a vacation rental property.

When the tenant or lessee moves out.

When keys are stolen or lost.

When a disgruntled employee is fired.

When you’re dealing with a messy divorce.

when the lock is broken.

When the new building owner wants to restrict or prohibit access to people with old keys.

This is especially true for businesses and retail spaces where duplicate keys often change hands when the locks have not been replaced in years.

Why changing locks is important

One of the first things you do when moving into a new house is change the locks, ideally before you begin moving your possessions there. Limiting unwanted entry, which can take the form of burglaries, theft, trespassing, or even uninvited visitors, requires strong home security. Anyone who has access to these locks can enter your home, which is secured against unlawful entry.

Even if you’re moving into a brand-new house, you don’t know who lived there while it was being built. There’s a chance that contractors and other tradespeople who have worked on your house in the past have copies of your keys. Before you moved in, the prior tenant may have made some improvements or employed cleaning staff. Even though they are watchful, it is wise to change your locks now that you have moved in. Even though they may know these service providers, you should always use caution when securing your property.

Relationships can be challenging and occasionally don’t go as planned. If a relationship breaks out with a family member or a romantic partner and they still have the keys to your house, you need to protect it and change the locks.

It is not typical to require three or four turns of the key lock before the door finally unlocks. Replace your door locks if they are beginning to show signs of wear.

Relocking the locks or getting new ones totally are your two alternatives for making your new house more safe after moving. Because it is more convenient, less complicated, and more economical, the majority of individuals decide to replace their locks. You can also obtain a single key that opens all locks. To view our variety of Lock Picking Kit, visit