The Witcher III: How To Bargain For Higher Contract Rewards

This guide will show players how to bargain for higher contract rewards in The Witcher 3.

In The Witcher games, there are several ways to obtain contracts, none of which are strictly “correct.” Depending on how the player feels, they may try to talk to every NPC, search every bulletin board they come across, or alternate between the two. This tutorial will teach players how to bargain in Witcher 3 to receive bigger contract rewards, players can Buy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Players must obtain contracts directly from NPCs, but they must also demand a higher price than they were initially willing to pay.

Find contracts and assignments

Although negotiation is quite simple, players might not know where to begin. The first thing that players should remember is that they should find NPCs themselves rather than accepting quests from The Witcher 3 contract boards. This is because to the fact that hiring a witcher is quite expensive, hence the pay mentioned on the bulletin board might not be regarded as fair remuneration. Once a quest giver has been located, players can initiate a dialogue to begin negotiations.

How to Negotiate for a Higher Return

Players can initiate a chat with an NPC after finding them by choosing the “Talk About Prizes” dialogue option in order to receive better rewards. The player can pick how much gold they want to ask for while engaging in this chat with the quest giver. Gamers should be aware that if they ask for unjust amounts frequently, NPCs will become irate and end the chat. After that, they will become hostile and the player won’t be able to finish the objective.

On the other side, many NPCs will insist on repaying Geralt in some fashion even if the player chooses to deny it. These benefits are frequently worth more than the initial offer. New armor, gems, and weapons could be given to players. It’s a hazardous strategy because some mission givers in The Witcher 3 will flat-out refuse to offer players anything to finish contracts or side quests. Players should generally err on the side of caution and refrain from requesting too high fees in exchange for their services.

Yet, if you take the time to search through the smugglers’ caches scattered throughout Skellige, as many fans like to point out, there’s really no true way to be impoverished in The Witcher 3. But if you really want to exploit that elderly woman with the eerie house as a prop and steal another coin from her, do yourself a favor and pass out. There might be some kind of wizard code. In the game, players can adequately Cheap The Witcher Trilogy Bundle prepare.