Best Ways to Get Gunpowder in Minecraft

This guide aims to tell players how to get gunpowder in Minecraft.

Finding what you need can be a bit of a pain in the massive open world of Minecraft because there are so many stuff there. Gunpowder must be acquired by players if they want to create explosive things in the open world. In Minecraft, gunpowder is used to construct numerous explosion-producing things, and players have access to a number of exciting and hazardous explosion-producing tools, such as fireworks, rockets, and more. Gunpowder can be acquired in Minecraft in a variety of methods, therefore this guide attempts to show players how to achieve that. Players can also prepare enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins in the game to earn a substantial amount of gunpowder.

Best Ways to Get Gunpowder in Minecraft

Defeat Creepers, Ghasts and Witches

Killing specific hostile monsters, such as Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches, is the most reliable way for players of the popular video game Minecraft to obtain gunpowder. The player can obtain at least one gunpowder from a creeper if they kill it before it explodes, making creepers dangerous because they can sneak up behind you and kill you. Gunpowder is also dropped by Ghasts in the Nether at the same rate as Creepers. The maximum amount of loot that a ghast can drop increases to five if the player applies the Looting enchantment. When you kill a witch, they may drop up to six rounds of gunpowder. Additionally, if you have the looting enchantment, they may drop up to 15 rounds of gunpowder on your hand when they pass away.

Trade with Wandering Traders

The roaming trader, an NPC that resembles a villager and wanders beside a lama, will come near your base. Trading with him is one of the greatest ways to obtain gunpowder. By negotiating trades with them in the game, players can acquire certain resources. If your base contains a villager trading hall and you frequently trade with villager NPCs, trading emeralds for gunpowder can be quite advantageous.

Loot chest

Loot chests, which players may find in numerous dungeons and naturally-generated structures all around the world, are one of the finest ways to acquire gunpowder. These structures include houses in the woods and pyramids in the desert. Players will find secret chests in several of the structures as they explore them. In Minecraft, gunpowder is a common item that may be found in a variety of chests. All of the structures’ odds of falling gunpowder are listed below:

Dungeon: You have a 57.8% chance of getting a maximum of 1 to 8 Gunpowder from these chests.

Shipwreck: These structures have a 20.8% chance of getting 1 to 5 pieces of Gunpowder.

Woodland Mansion: 20.8% chance to get 1 to 8 Gunpowder from containers in this structure.

Desert Pyramids: These structures have a 59% chance of receiving 1 to 8 pieces of Gunpowder.

The greatest ways to obtain gunpowder in Minecraft are covered in this article; if you liked it, check out more Minecraft instructions at

Minecraft: How to Install and Make Straw Golems

This guide will show players how to install and make straw golems in Minecraft.

The excellent Minecraft mod Straw Golems automates the process of picking crops on your farm. The game features a wide variety of creatures, including the golem species. Players can now distribute ripe harvests to designated chests with the aid of the Straw Golem mod for Minecraft. The installation and creation of straw golems in Minecraft will therefore be covered in this article. Additionally, players can purchase sufficient Minecraft for Windows Game Coins to aid in the creation of straw golems.

What is a Straw Golems

The maximum in-game lifespan of a straw golem in Minecraft is seven days. The body of the mob will gradually start to deteriorate, turning color and spawning flies everywhere around it. Thankfully, players can feed straw golems to keep them alive. Making this creature is simple. And as soon as it spawns, it will begin harvesting mature crops, sowing seeds and saplings, and even moving mature crops to close-by warehouses.

How to Download Straw Golem Mod for Minecraft

The Forge program must first be downloaded by players for the mod to function properly. Players will be able to locate the game and create a Forge version that will install all the mods once they download and install the app.

To download the precise mod, gamers must then go to the CurseForge website and perform a search for “Straw Golem Reborn.” Players who want the most recent version of this mod must type “Rebirth” because it is fairly ancient.

Players will see that the mod is only accessible for version 1.16 once they open the page. The orange install icon can be clicked by users to open the Forge software directly, download the desired game version, and eventually add the mod.

After pressing “play,” the Forge app will launch a modified version of the game, which may be accessed by pressing “play” once more. A player simply needs a Hay Block and a Carved Pumpkin Block to create a Straw Golem once they have entered a new planet.

How to Make a Straw Golem in Minecraft

In Minecraft, set a hay bale on any surface, then place a pumpkin immediately on top of it to create a straw golem. In Minecraft, sheers can be used on pumpkins to create carved pumpkins. In order to prevent straw golems from wandering too far from crops, it is advised that players surround them with fences.

By “Shift-right-clicking” the hay golem and then choosing a chest, the farmer can assign it to any of the chests that are inside the straw golem’s radius. Apples can also be used to entice straw golems in Minecraft to certain spots.

The mod Straw Golems introduces golems with a very basic and adorable design to the game. Subscribers to can learn about further worthwhile Minecraft mods.