The Lost Ark: Guide to Naruni Island

This guide will introduce players to a detailed guide to Naruni Island in the Lost Ark.

There are 95 island tokens in The Lost Ark that can be collected through gameplay. On the remote island of Opher, these island tokens can be gathered and then used to create NPCs. Island Souls is one of the various collectibles that players may get by completing quests across the globe. Acquiring these rewards you with roster XP, moves you closer to Island Souls, and gives you access to additional rewards. As a result, this guide will present players to a thorough overview of Naruni Island in The Lost Ark. Players can also purchase enough Cheap Lost Ark Gold in-game.

Where is Naruni Island?

Small dinosaur-like creatures called Naruni live on Naruni Island. They are helpful in gathering island spirits and are peaceful creatures. Just beyond Nanhe Sanhai’s main wall is where you’ll find Naruni Island. South Fern’s port is not far away (Bellion Ruins). You can tour 17 different islands by traveling through the Nanhe Sanhai Great Wall and along the center Nanhe Sanhai. Each island features a distinct and vibrant area with a variety of helpful items.

Island Soul

Don’t be deceived by the task’s apparent simplicity; you have a purpose to complete: find the Island Soul of Naruni Island. Even though this is a refreshing non-RNG token, it will take some time to finish. You must engage with Narunis on the island 101 times in order to complete the quest (Naruni Go! ), which can be obtained from the Environmental Researcher close to the island’s entrance.

The task appears straightforward, but because these little creatures move around a lot and must be interacted with for a brief period of time in order to earn quest points, players must accurately time their interactions with them so they don’t cause them to flee. Players should also look about a bit on the game map to discover a location with lots of Naruni nearby and start gathering there.

Return to the NPC Environmental Researcher to finish the objective after gathering all 101 Naruni. The Naruni Island Soul and the ability to advance in the collection will be your main rewards, along with some experience and stuff.

How to Get Naruni Island Souls in The Lost Ark

Because catching Naruni is so easy, the process might become monotonous. The precise technique of acquisition is as follows:

Learn about Naruni’s movement habits by pursuing it and observing it;

Get close to it and click when it stops moving.

Catching it takes roughly 3 seconds;

You will have to start over if it moves before you can grab it;

After catching 101Naruni, go back to the research facility;

In the Lost Ark, collect the Heart of Naruni.

The Greater Skill Potion, one of the most sought-after potions in the game, will be your prize for collecting 20 island souls and completing this task, which doesn’t need any battle or action. For more Lost Ark guides, visit and subscribe.