Elden Ring: Valiant Gargoyle Duo Guide (Location and How to Beat)

This guide will show players how to defeat gargoyles in the Elden Ring.

Players will come across a lot of gargoyles in Elden Ring, just as a lot of other opponents. The Siofra Aqueduct Great Waterfall Basin’s coffin transfers from Deeproot Depths are protected by gargoyles in the Elden Ring. The two-headed boss Valiant Gargoyles stands guard at one of Deeproot Depths’ two entrances. In Elden Ring, how can you beat the Gargoyle? Players can use this tutorial to learn how to defeat the Gargoyle in Elden Ring. In order to overcome Gargoyle, players must also have enough Cheap Elden Ring Runes prepared in the game.

Elden Ring Valiant Gargoyle location

The Aqueduct of Siofra in the Eternal City contains fearless gargoyles. A waterfall can be found if the player descends Siofra. When you get close to it, the boss will leap from the waterfall and use a variety of attacks to harm you.

Techniques for Brave Gargoyle Boss Fighting

Players will battle against two enormous gargoyles in Brave Gargoyle Battle, one of which is armed with a halberd and sword and the other with an ax and double blade. Each is challenging on their own, but when combined, they can easily overwhelm you. Key battle advice is provided here, followed by a discussion of cheese techniques.

Enhance immunity

Even if both gargoyles already deal a ton of damage, melee structures can suffer the most from their poison-spitting assaults. To lessen the damage the player receives from this assault and prevent the poison from becoming too potent, equip armor with a high level of immunity.

The Death Beholder, Recruit D

Players can locate Death Beholder D, the sister and brother of the Death Hunter, curled up on the floor in front of the Valiant Gargoyle Boss combat arena. The latter may have been present in Roundtable Hold. The Advancing Fia, Dying Companion quest can aid the player in this conflict if they haven’t already. While holding a lot, speak to Fia at the Roundtable until she hands you the Weathered Dagger.

Ranged and magical combat Soul Flames

Heroic gargoyles have a high level of resistance to most damage types and are virtually immune to all status effects. However, the resistance to magic is less strong than that of fire, holy, and thunder. Additionally, gargoyles are always on the move, making it challenging to find Ash or other melee or close-range spellcasters.

In situations requiring strength, carry strike weapons

Sledgehammers and clubs will be able to unleash their full strength here because strikes are the only sort of melee damage that Gargoyle has no resistance to. This will undoubtedly boost any new weapons that gamers intend to introduce.

Evade the poison

It is best to flee as soon as the player puts their heads down and sees green bile appear because the gargoyle’s venom spray attack is by far the most lethal attack. Make them come to you or you will sustain continual, severe injury.

How to Make Brave Gargoyle Cheese

There are a several ways to end this Elden Ring boss fight if Tarnished is still having issues or is unable to use a powerful hybrid build. The two gargoyles can be attracted to the waterfall ledge behind the arena, to the right of the entrance, using the first method. At this point, the player can flip the boss over so that they perform a backward dodge jump and fall to their demise into the chasm below.

Running to the enormous waterfall beyond the boss area and hiding behind it under a big rock is another option. The gargoyle may decrease some of its aggression toward the player at this position, keeping them at a distance. Then, Tarnished can call forth spirit ashes equipped for long-range warfare or store hundreds of arrows to snipe at them from this position. Wmbtc.com has subscription options for additional Elden Ring players.

How To Find All Colosseum Locations In Elden Ring

This guide will show players how to find all the Colosseum locations in the Elden Ring.

All Elden Ring gamers are excited to try out the new PVP mode with the recent Colosseum update. Players can participate in organized PVP contests with other players in the new Colosseum area, and each of the three Colosseums offers a unique battle style. The locations of every Colosseum in Elden Ring will be explained in this tutorial, and players will learn how to prepare enough Cheap Elden Ring Runes for the game.

Elden Ring Colosseum Location

Limgrave Colosseum location

Players can engage in the new PVP mode for the first time at the Colosseum in Limgrave. It is situated in Limgrave’s northern region. The Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace, a little hut east of Stormhill in Limgrave, is where you can reach there the quickest. Under the bridge, proceed north into the trees. Gamers will need to beat Recusant Henricus in order for this trip to go more smoothly because on the first visit, players will be invaded as they approach the Colosseum. Those who engaged in the Volcanic Manor questline will locate this place when they first encountered the NPC Defiled by the ancient knight Isstvan.

Caelid Colosseum location

The Caelid, a diseased wasteland that contains the second accessible Colosseum, is exceedingly challenging to reach. The player must use the Swordstone Key to open the elevator on the opposite side of the Siofra River in order to reach this location. The Siofra River may be reached from the well in East Limgrave. The player rides north through the enormous archer structures and beyond the Great Jars to the Caelid Colosseum from Grace’s Well Site, located deep within the Siofra River.

Leyndell Colosseum location

To finish the game, the player must go to the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace, which is nearby the Royal Colosseum in Leyndell. To get there, players must go to Leyndell, the Ash kingdom’s capital. To see the Colosseum, simply turn southwest. You could also use teleportation to travel to the opulent Dongdu Fortress’s ruins. Right in front of the Temple of the Eastern Wall, you can see the Colosseum. Then you can play PvP mode just by passing through the gates of the Colosseum.

How to Enter Colosseum Battles from Roundtable Hold – Elden Ring

Players can enter any Colosseum after updating to Elden Ring 1.08 by simply approaching the entrance and pressing the “open” command, but after finding them, they can also enter the Colosseum battle from the Roundtable Hold. A statue of Marika may be found in the circular table room next to the fireplace after entering one of the Colosseums. You can use this statue to enter any Colosseum line, any number of players, and any ruleset of your choice. This will be the most convenient method of accessing Colosseum duels if you wish to participate in them frequently.

The information about where to find each Colosseum in Elden Ring is provided above. Players who are interested in further guides on the Elden Ring could subscribe to Wmbtc.com for more information.