How to Get Blue and Orange Potatoes in Dreamlight Valley

This guide will show players how to obtain blue and orange potatoes in Dreamlight Valley.

It’s true that the world of Disney’s Dreaming Valley is beautiful, and one of the mysteries that Dreaming Valley has discovered comes in the form of potatoes, which is a little unexpected. The game’s Halloween update introduced the first odd potato, the golden potato, and its February “Friendship Day” update added a new red potato. In the “Pride of the Valley” update for the game, which added two new challenging potatoes: blue and orange, these enigmatic potatoes came back into focus once more. To obtain blue and orange potatoes, players must prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game.

How to Find Blue Potatoes in the Disney Dream Valley

The player should go to Ursula’s residence to find the blue potatoes. A distinction should be made between Ursula’s home and the cave on Dazzle Beach where the player first encounters the Sea Witch. The player must first welcome Ursula to the Valley of Dreamlights before beginning the “Sweet Lair” quest, in which Ursula requests that the player choose a suitable location for and construct a house for her.

Players will need to save up their coins since Scrooge McDuck will need 8,000 stars in order to construct Ursula’s home. While inside Ursula’s home, the player should turn right. The mysterious blue potatoes will appear on the floor adjacent to Ursula’s throne.

How to Find Orange Potatoes in Disney’s Lights Valley

Orange potatoes are more challenging to find. Scrooge McDuck’s last character mission and friendship level 10 requirement must be met first. The player will receive the Shadow Lenses Glasses item after completing the mission. Players must look for little orange pebbles in the Valley of Dreamlight after donning the Shadow Lens.

At Castle Fantasy, Mickey’s Chamber of Secrets, Mona’s Kingdom, Ratatouille’s Kingdom, Toy Story Kingdom, Frozen Kingdom, and Wall-E Kingdom, players can find the orange pebbles of Disney’s Fantasy Valley. The player can make Orange Potatoes once they have located all 20 cobblestones.

Players must become friends with Mickey at friendship level 10 and finish his final quest in order to access Mickey’s Chamber of Secrets. Gamers can create potions by using blue and orange potatoes. It’s important to remember, though, that these remedies are useless. They will probably continue to be one of Disney’s Valley of the Lights’ most perplexing secrets up until a later update comes. Only the necessary number of Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts must be purchased by players.