Destiny 2: How To Solve The Microwave Room Puzzle

This guide will show players how to solve the microwave room puzzle in Destiny 2.

One of the most well-liked free-to-play role-playing games, Destiny 2, has a sizable fan base. To keep things fresh, the game periodically adds new content while also attempting to improve itself. With larger game upgrades typically come new quests and rewards. Every assignment presents a different obstacle, such a difficult boss battle or perplexing puzzles. The player will finally arrive in the microwave oven area in the zero version mission. The player will learn how to solve the microwave chamber challenge in Destiny 2 through this guide. Additionally, the player must have a sufficient amount of Destiny 2 Silver.

How to solve the microwave maze in Destiny 2

Players now have access to new exotics thanks to the Operation Seraph Season Owners: Seraph Shield mission. Players in this free computer game must exercise caution and good memory since a different piece of the jigsaw is given to each player at random, so they must complete the microwave room. The player will quickly realize that entering the microwave chamber and burning himself was a mistake when he is simply trying to walk across it. Players must have skill if they want Destiny 2 Revision Zero to seem exotic.

You must ascend the stairs to obtain the scanner boost before you can access the microwave room. The three terminals you need to hack should light up when viewed through the glass of the microwave chamber from that location. Then down the short flight of stairs and peer through the following glass door. You can walk on all of the security panels in this area without being bombed. You can try to recall where the panels are, but if you want to save time, you’ll always capture a screenshot or a photograph using your camera.

Character-specific boosts are the key to navigating this non-microwave maze, as indicated throughout the mission. The player will require the scanner buff in this situation. Kill the fallen with the golden glow above their heads to obtain the bonus. Once finished, click the symbol while holding down the E key to give the player the benefit.

Players can view what has to be hacked to travel from one room to another with the use of scanner boosts. More importantly, though, it demonstrates to players how to succeed in the microwave room. There are two floors separating the two portions of this. The terminal that needs to be broken is located in the microwave room on the top floor, just before the player enters the maze. On the left, top, and right sides of the room, these terminals are divided into three groups. On each side, there can only be one valid terminal; any additional terminals will start the death mechanism. Players must keep an eye on the terminal because the right terminal shifts every time a mission is attempted.

The information provided above is a detailed instruction on how to resolve the Destiny 2 microwave room puzzle. Players who want to learn more about additional tasks should subscribe to

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